Step 1: Partner Authentication

To access Finicity's API, the machine connecting to the API must be located inside the United States or Canada. TLS 1.2 or higher is required for all requests to the API.

Your first step will be to obtain an access token by validating your Partner Secret and Finicity-App-Key via the service Partner Authentication:


...with HTTP headers:

Finicity-App-Key: {from Developer Portal}
Content-Type: application/xml

...and body:

    <partnerId>{from Developer Portal}</partnerId>
    <partnerSecret>{from Developer Portal}</partnerSecret>


From the response, extract the <token> value. This token will be passed in the HTTP header Finicity-App-Token for all subsequent API requests. It is valid for two hours, after which you will need to call Partner Authentication again to obtain a new token.


>> Step 2: Find Institutions

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