Step 5: Add an Account

For testing purposes, a number of imaginary accounts are provided, as shown in Testing Accounts. You can experiment with different kinds of authentication (with or without MFA) by specifying different combinations of username and password in the login form.

See the resource Customer Account Discovery, Activation, and Refresh for an explanation of the services referenced here.

(Note: MFA means Multi-Factor Authentication, describing various styles of authentication challenges such as text questions, image matching, "captcha" images, etc.)

Process to Add All Accounts for a Set of Credentials

- POST Add All Accounts.
    - MFA response (HTTP 203) ?
        - YES: POST Add All Accounts (with MFA Answers).
        - Repeat MFA response check
    - Parse accounts from response.

Process to Add Individual Accounts

- POST Discover Customer Accounts.
    - MFA response (HTTP 203) ?
        - YES: POST Discover Customer Accounts (with MFA Answers).
        - Repeat MFA response check
    - Parse partial accounts from response.

    - Allow the customer to choose the accounts to be activated and to specify the correct account type for accounts with type unknown. (Partners may choose to always activate all accounts, but the customer must still be given the opportunity to specify an account type for accounts with type unknown.)

- PUT Activate Customer Accounts v2 (without Aggregation).
    - Parse accounts from response.


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