Step 6: Refresh an Account

At this point the accounts have been activated, but no transactions have actually been retrieved from the institution. The app can decide whether to call Refresh Institution Login Accounts immediately, or execute Refresh Customer Accounts (non-interactive) in the background, or even skip aggregation completely if the app is only interested in account-level details. (Note that the activated account will still participate in regular daily aggregation on the standard Finicity schedule.)

Because many financial institutions only post transactions once per day, calling Refresh repeatedly is usually a waste of resources and is not recommended.

See the resource Customer Account Discovery, Activation, and Refresh for an explanation of the services referenced here.

(Note: MFA means Multi-Factor Authentication, describing various styles of authentication challenges such as text questions, image matching, “captcha” images, etc.)

Process for Refreshing an Account

POST Refresh Institution Login Accounts.
    - MFA response (HTTP 203) ?
        - YES: POST Refresh Institution Login Accounts (with MFA Answers).
        - Repeat MFA response check.
    - Parse complete accounts from response.


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