Account Types

The services Add All Accounts, Add All Accounts (with MFA Answers)Discover Customer Accounts and Discover Customer Accounts (with MFA Answers) will return a list of accounts that were found using the provided credentials. Each account record includes a <type> field with a value from the following list.

Finicity can usually determine the correct type for each account, but in some rare cases the account type will be unknown. In these cases, the account number and name should be displayed to the customer, who must specify the correct account type by selecting a value from the following table.

Calls to Activate Customer Accounts v2 (without Aggregation) will fail if the account's <type> field contains unknown or any unrecognized type designation. The failed request will return HTTP 400 (Bad Request) with the error code 10106 (Invalid Account Type).

unknown Type cannot be determined (customer must specify the correct type from other supported types in this table)
checking Standard checking
savings Standard savings
cd Certificates of deposit
moneyMarket Money Market
creditCard Standard credit cards
lineOfCredit Home equity, line of credit
investment Individual, joint, custodial, guardian, trust, estate, IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh, QRP, 529, etc.
mortgage Standard Mortgages
loan Auto loans, equity loans, other loans

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