Testing Accounts

Use the service Add Testing Customer to create customers for testing, and use the "mock" institution FinBank (institution ID 101732) to add accounts to those testing customers. An account from FinBank can be used to test all kinds of account authentication during discovery and activation, by submitting various combinations of username and password. The discovery and activation responses may contain one of several different MFA challenges based on the credentials given.

There is no charge for a FinBank account. Under the Test Drive plan you may add testing customers with FinBank accounts, to validate your app's handling of MFA and all other aspects of the API. Under any of the paid plans, you can also add active customers, to activate real-world accounts for your customers. (FinBank is still available under paid plans.) Note that a testing customer can only add FinBank accounts, and an active customer cannot add FinBank accounts.

A few transactions are generated for each FinBank account every day, to permit testing of the entire API. Using these testing accounts under the Test Drive plan, you can build and test your entire application before upgrading to one of the commercial service plans.

See Active Docs for detailed API specifications.

See Add an Account to understand the process for account discovery and activation.

See Testing Aggregation Support for information about using testing accounts to test Aggregation Support services.

See Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to understand MFA challenges.

Follow these steps to activate a testing account:

  1. Call Add Testing Customer to create the "owner" of the account.
  2. Call Get Institutions to find the institution called "FinBank" (institution ID 101732).
  3. Call Get Institution Login Form to find the login fields for this institution.
  4. Call Discover Customer Accounts using institution ID 101732, the login fields from step #3, and a combination of username and password from the following table.
  5. Call Discover Customer Accounts (with MFA Answers) if an MFA challenge is returned. On success, eight available accounts are returned.
  6. Call Activate Customer Accounts v2 to enable the desired accounts in the system.
  7. Call Refresh Customer Account to perform aggregation for the activated accounts.
  8. Call Refresh Customer Account (with MFA Answers) if an MFA challenge is returned.
  9. Call Get Customer Account Transactions to view transactions for the account.

For testing accounts, any text can be provided as the MFA answer, except for the special cases described below for tfa_text and tfa_choice.

Account variations available under FinBank (101732) include:

username password MFA Type Note
demo go    
demo  One of these codes: 123, 125, 127, 128, 130   Service will fail with error code given in password.
invalid_user go   Error 103 (Invalid Credentials) will be returned.
tfa_text go Text based MFA If the answer to the MFA challenge is mfa, the response will be another MFA challenge. [MFA example]
tfa_image go Image captcha [MFA example]
tfa_choice go Multiple text options If the answer to the MFA challenge is fail, the call will fail with code 187 (Invalid MFA)[MFA example]
tfa_multi go Same as MFA with image choice (style 1), below [MFA example]
demo imagechoice MFA with image choice (style 1) [MFA example]
demo imagechoice2 MFA with image choice (style 2) [MFA example]


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    Mustapha Mustapha


    How can i test loan account?
    I noticed, that no loan account is linked with customer test.


  • Avatar
    Chip Whitmer

    Thanks for catching this issue. We have fixed this institution so that the accounts returned now include Auto Loan (type 'loan') and Home Mortgage (type 'mortgage').

    Edited by Chip Whitmer
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