Finicity Certified Developer Program (FCDP) Full FAQ

What are the benefits of working with a Finicity Certified Developer?

CDPs are certified by Finicity as the best-in-class developers on the Finicity platform, with expertise using our APIs and platform. CDPs receive prioritized attention and communications from Finicity to help them effectively use Finicity's platform products to build custom applications and integrations. See the CDP terms for more details.

What kind of development companies does Finicity certify?

The Finicity Certified Developer Program is focused exclusively on partnering with local, regional, and global leaders in full-service design, strategy, and fintech application development. Requirements are defined HERE.  

If I don't work with a Finicity Certified Developer, can I still use the Finicity API? 

While we recommend that brands use a CDP, the vast majority of our platform products remain open to all developers. Brands can signup and use the published Finicity APIs directly.

As long as the minimum paid account status is maintained, the CDP or developer will receive access to Finicitys technical support teams. Enterprise customers may opt for a dedicated API Solutions Consultant, and access to increased throttle limits when necessary.

I want to develop an app using a Finicity Certified Developer Partner (CDP). How do I get started?

First, make sure to READ and adhere to our Finicity policies and platform guidelines.

While the vast majority of our platform products remain open to all developers, you must take into account the intent of usage before building a solution. Any solution that integrates Finicity APIs for promotional or commercial purposes must be tied to a approved Finicity Platform application under your company name.

The list of current CDPs, including contact information, is below. Please contact a CDP to discuss building your own solution using the LinkedIn platform.

In the meantime, companies and developers can learn more about our products here.

I am a developer agency with clients interested in building Fintech apps with the Finicity API. How do I become a Certified Developer Partner?

Note that the CDP program is limited in membership and prospective partners are evaluated based on criteria including global reach and scale, strategic alliances, and best-in-class expertise with custom application development.

If you believe that your company meets these criteria, you may submit your interest HERE and Finicity will reach out if they believe you could be a fit. In the meantime, you may reference the publicly available information about our platform products.


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