Step 2: Find Institutions

The next step is to search for specific institutions by name using the service Get Institutions. The institution’s id will be used in later calls to the API.


...with HTTP headers:

Finicity-App-Key: {from Developer Portal}
Finicity-App-Token: {from previous call to Partner Authentication}

Note: If your search text contains spaces, you must replace those spaces with + in the request URL. See Handling Spaces in Queries. For example:

The response will list financial institutions that contain your search text in the institution’s name or in any URL associated with the institution.

If the value of moreAvailable in the response is true, you can retrieve the next page of results by increasing the value of the start parameter in your next request:

When you have found the institution you want, extract its <id> value for future API requests related to this institution.

Note: From the Test Drive plan, you will only be able to add accounts from the testing institution FinBank (ID 101732). See Testing Accounts for more information.


<< Step 1: Partner Authentication

>> Step 3: Get Institution Login Form

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  • Avatar
    Ik Yoo

    if i use start=0 i get an error below. start=1 is ok.

    <message>Start index cannot be less than one</message>

  • Avatar
    Chip Whitmer

    Thanks for the correction. The document has been updated.

  • Avatar
    Geoff Lee

    Why no pagination when searching for institutions? That's the one that needs it most. Is there a way around this?
    Also, why is the search limited to just the name? Can you guys add more fields, preferably country, city, state?

  • Avatar
    Chip Whitmer

    Paging is supported for this call. See the detailed spec:

    Many partners prefer to download the complete list periodically, and providing their own searching. Adding search criteria to this service, as you suggest, is an enhancement that is in our backlog.

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