Release Notes - January 2015 Update A

January 8, 2015

We have fixed one bug and provided preliminary support for a future Corporate Card Aggregation Service.

Bug Fix

We fixed a bug where <account> records were reporting account balances as whole dollars (for example, 1357 instead of 1357.91). All account balances should now include the "cents" portion of the value.

Corporate Card Aggregation Service

We have added preliminary support for "subaccounts" (typically referring to a corporate credit card account with multiple individual credit cards as subaccounts). This feature is intended as a component of a future Corporate Card Aggregation service.

Deprecated Endpoints

A reminder of changes that partners should make in their code:

To be removed from the API after August 2015:

  • Partner Authentication v1 -- Use Partner Authentication v2 instead. 
  • Modify Partner Secret v1 -- Use Modify Partner Secret v2 instead.
  • Add Customer -- Use one of Add Testing CustomerAdd Active Customer, or Add Temporary Customer instead.
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