Release Notes - January 2015 Update B

January 22, 2015

Enhanced Customer Support Ticket Processes

We have enhanced the code to make our Customer Support Ticket processes more robust. Tickets that you have opened through the API endpoint Create Customer Support Ticket are visible from the Developer Portal (click Help > View Support Tickets from the Dashboard), and changes to the ticket's status are shown as comments on those tickets.

Submit Additional Authentication Information for Ticket
PUT /v1/customers/{customerId}/tickets/{ticketId}/aai

As part of our enhanced support processes, we have added this new endpoint to provide a way for partners to securely send additional credential information when required for us to resolve an open ticket.

Subaccount Support

We have also added a testing institution for the new subaccounts feature, which will be part of a future Corporate Card Aggregation Service. The new testing institution is #101806, FinBank - Subaccounts. Transactions from an account activated on this institution will include <subaccount> entries to associate the transactions with a specific subaccount under the primary corporate card.

Handling a Gateway Timeout Error (HTTP 504)

Note: Because of the complexity of some websites, the call to Activate Customer Accounts may return after some time with HTTP status 504 (Gateway Timeout).

In this situation, the aggregation process actually continues executing on our server until all transactions have been captured from the website. This could take several minutes, depending on the institution.

In case of a timeout, your code should enter a loop, calling the endpoint Get Customer Account every 20 seconds or so, until aggregation is complete. While the aggregation is in-process, the <account> record returned will not include fields <aggregationStatusCode> or <aggregationSuccessDate>. When aggregation is complete, you will see the field <aggregationStatusCode> with a value of 0, and <aggregationSuccessDate> containing a time stamp. (If you see an aggregation status code other than 0, it means that the aggregation has failed.)

At this point, you can call Get Customer Account Transactions to view transactions for the account.

Deprecated Endpoints

A reminder of changes that partners should make in their code:

To be removed from the API after August 2015:

  • Partner Authentication v1 -- Use Partner Authentication v2 instead. 
  • Modify Partner Secret v1 -- Use Modify Partner Secret v2 instead.
  • Add Customer -- Use one of Add Testing CustomerAdd Active Customer, or Add Temporary Customer instead.
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