Release Notes - December 2014 Update B

 December 18, 2014

We have enhanced the new Cash Flow Verification (CFV) service for doing a one-time pull of an account's transaction history. The service pulls 180 days of data and we have added support for additional Financial Institutions.

The Cash Flow Verification Service (CFV), is distinct from the Finicity aggregation service. Partners subscribed to this service can create temporary customers and accounts for a one-time pull of transaction history. The service is ideal for partners who need cash inflow and outflow information over time in order to analyze cash flow trends.

Deprecated Endpoints

In our Active Docs, we have added a section for Deprecated Endpoints. An endpoint will be moved to this section when it is officially deprecated. These endpoints will remain accessible for 9 months from the date of deprecation.

We will also include this list of deprecated endpoints in all future Release Notes, as a reminder of changes that partners should make in their code.

To be removed from the API after August 2015:

  • Partner Authentication v1 -- Use Partner Authentication v2 instead. 
  • Modify Partner Secret v1 -- Use Modify Partner Secret v2 instead.
  • Add Customer -- Use one of Add Testing Customer, Add Active Customer, or Add Temporary Customer instead.
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