Request For New Institution (RFNI)


How do I add a new financial institution that Finicity currently doesn't support?


In the Finicity Developer Portal, underneath the 'HELP' menu there is a link called 'REQUEST A NEW FI'. Click on this and it will open a form where you can enter the information we need to be able to support aggregation of this financial institution.

Additional Info: 

Please provide as mush information as possible. If the request is incomplete it may require additional communication that can slow down the process of adding the new financial institution. Please include as many Multi-Factor Authentication questions and answers that you have. 

You will be able to view all open RFNI requests through your 'VIEW SUPPORT TICKETS' link in the 'HELP' menu on the Finicity Developer Portal.

Please note that RFNI's have an additional cost, please refer to your Account Administrator for details. 

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