Aggregation Support Methods Explained

Before we get started, here is a list of the Aggregation Support services available through the Finicity API.


Finicity maintains a 24/7 team of Aggregation Support engineers who fix most Agg issues proactively, in order of the largest impact to your end-users. Many of our services service a limited number of end-users. This is called the “Long Tail” of aggregation.  

Managing this “Long Tail” is difficult, but Finicity has patented an innovative Agg Support system and internal software tools to provide you with the highest levels of end-user satisfaction.

Finicity’s Agg Support system has been built into our API so that you can choose between two methods of integration into your product and support operations, including a “Direct” and “Indirect” method. You must integrate via our Support API using one of these two methods in order to submit aggregation issues to our Engineering team.


Scenario 1 - Direct API Integration (Strongly Recommended)

Direct integration between your Fintech App and the Finicity Aggregation Support APIs is strongly recommended. This method enables your end users to escalate aggregation errors directly from your app and see the current status of any open ticket. Tickets escalated by your end users via the Escalate Aggregation Error service are resolved by Finicity in a first-in-first-out order.

Direct Integration gives you the power to manage end-user expectations without engaging your internal support team directly. The reason this system works is because when a request to fix long-tail end-points comes from the end-user, we can respond to the true needs of your active users in a way that benefits all users of the Finicity API.

The diagram below explains the Direct Integration method.


Scenario 2 - Indirect API Integration

Indirect Integration gives your customer support team the ability to open an Aggregation Support ticket inside your internal CRM/Customer Support tool via the Finicity Aggregation Support API. Your CS team will receive all requests for aggregation support (typically from long-tail end-points), and be able to see the status of each of your customers Accounts directly within your own tools and request to fix an issue by the Finicity team.




Our Aggregation Support services are here to help you integrate aggregation support into your apps and existing support systems. If you prefer to track tickets through the Developer Portal, you can always find them under the Help menu by clicking View Support Tickets.


It is against Finicity policy and explicitly stated in your Developer Contract to never auto-submit tickets at the system level. Ticket creation via the Direct API Integration method must be initiated by a user of your application from within your app.


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