Release Notes - July 2015 Update A

July 9, 2015

Transaction Types

Transaction records now include a <type> field when the institution itself provides a transaction type value. Documentation of supported transaction types is here.

Bug Fixes

  • The endpoint Get Institutions was returning the wrong value for the Content-Type header when the comprehensive list of all institutions was returned. This endpoint now returns Content-Type: application/xml for all responses.
  • The limit of 10 testing accounts per testing customer was not being calculated correctly if some accounts used MFA.
  • Various services would occasionally experience execution delays of 90 seconds or more as a large list was reloaded into a memory cache. The cache has been redesigned to eliminate these delays.

Deprecated Endpoints

A reminder of changes partners should make in their code:

To be removed from the API after August 2015:

To be removed from the API after January 2016:


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