Billable Services

The Finicity Aggregation API provides four services. Billing for each service is issued monthly, based on a specific metric related to that service, as described below:

Consumer Aggregation

This is our standard daily aggregation, where all of your customer accounts are updated every day with the latest transactions from their institutions. Up to six months of a new account's transactions are available.

The billable metric for Consumer Aggregation is the number of registered customers for whom we have performed at least one account aggregation during the month.

Cash Flow Verification (Historic Transactions)

This is the retrieval of twelve months or more of historic transactions for an account. For some institutions, up to two years of history may be available.

The billable event for Cash Flow Verification is a call to the service Load Historic Transactions for Account, specifying a customerId that has not been seen before by this service. In other words, you are billed for the first call to Load Historic Transactions for a given customer. If the service is called multiple times with the same customerId, to load transactions from multiple accounts, only the first call is billable.

The date range sent to the institution is calculated from the account's createdDate. This means that calling Load Historic Transactions a second time for the same account normally will not add any new transactions for the account.

Corporate Card Aggregation (Subaccounts)

This is aggregation of business accounts that have "subaccounts" (typically referring to a corporate credit card account with multiple individual credit cards as subaccounts). Up to six months of transactions are available.

The billable metric for Corporate Card Aggregation is the number of individual subaccounts that have been found and aggregated. An account that is billed under Corporate Card Aggregation is excluded from billing under Consumer Aggregation.

Account Ownership Verification (PDF Statements)

This service will download, directly from the institution, an account's most recent statement as a PDF document.

The billable event for Account Ownership Verification is a call to the service Get Customer Account Statement.

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