Release Notes - July 2015 Update B

July 30, 2015

We have made the following improvements to our platform:

Activate Customer Accounts

This endpoint has always aggregated up to six months of transactions for the activated accounts. We have adjusted this policy to retrieve six full calendar months of transactions, plus the current month.

In other words, for an account that is activated on August 9, 2015, the old policy would have retrieved transactions from February 9 through August 9, 2015. The new policy adjusts the starting date of this window so that transactions are retrieved from February 1 through August 9, 2015.

Escalate Aggregation Error

Tickets escalated through this endpoint may now include <specialInstructions> to provide more information that will help Finicity resolve the error.

Special instructions may include a description of the problem, such as missing or duplicate transactions, or any other information that might be of assistance in troubleshooting the problem.

Deprecated Endpoints

A reminder of changes partners should make in their code:

To be removed from the API after August 2015:

To be removed from the API after January 2016:

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