Release Notes - December 2015 Update A: Support Enhancements

December 17, 2015: Support Enhancements

Account Activation Errors

When a failure occurs during a call to Add All Accounts, Discover Customer Accounts, or Activate Customer Accounts, the system will automatically escalate the error for quick resolution by Finicity. This escalation has the same effect as if the client app made a call to Escalate Aggregation Error.

As an additional enhancement, customer credentials and MFA answers are now stored by Finicity during the activation process. This reduces the need for Finicity to request AAI (Additional Authentication Information) while troubleshooting and fixing the problem.

A description of the newly-created ticket is included in the error response. This information can be used in subsequent calls to the various Aggregation Support services.

<message>Parsing error.</message>
(No ticket is created when the code requires action by the client app or the customer, as outlined in the Error Codes document.)

Escalate Aggregation Error

This service will now accept tickets where the account’s <aggregationStatusCode> value is “0” (Success). If the current state is “0” then <specialInstructions> must be provided, giving more details about the condition that is being reported.

This enhancement allows customers to escalate cases where the account’s current state is “0” (Success) but the account is showing duplicate or missing transactions, or other incorrect results.

In addition, this service no longer attempts to refresh the account before opening an escalated ticket. This eliminates a potential source of confusion related to this service. As a result, the recommended timeout for these calls has been reduced to the default value of 20 seconds.

Identification of Disappearing Transactions

Some institutions continue to modify or delete transactions long after they are first posted to the institution’s data feed. This practice can cause Finicity transactions to appear as duplicates, or to appear in the Finicity data after they have disappeared from the institution’s current website.

Finicity has added the ability to identify transactions that were found in an earlier aggregation of an account, but are not found in the institution’s current data source. These “shadow” transactions are now identified in the <transaction> record:


The client app may choose how to handle shadow transactions. For example, it could choose not to display these transactions at all; to remove them from the app’s data store; to display a button so the customer can confirm that the transaction should be removed; or to ignore the field entirely.

Handling Invalid Characters

We have introduced a new error code to clarify specific characters that are not supported in account credentials and some other data fields. The code is 45002, and the message is: "Invalid character: PIPE "|" and TILDE "~" are not supported in account passwords and some other data fields." The new code has been added to the list of Error Codes.

Deprecated Services

A reminder of changes partners should make in their code:

These services are deprecated and will be removed from the API after January 2016:

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