This call returns detailed information for the supplied institution ID.

Please refer to Authentication Header Attributes for request header attributes and the Response Codes for details about possible success/error status codes.

Query Parameters

Attribute Data Type Required Description
institutionId Long Required Finicity identifier for a financial institution
idType String Optional This is an optional parameter used for internal purposes

Response Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
institutionId  Long Finicity identifier for a financial institution. Yes
institutionName String   Name of the Financial Institution. Yes
homeUrl String  The home URL for the Financial Institution. Yes
phoneNumber String  Phone number of the Financial Institution.   
virtual Boolean  Ignore (always true)   
address   Address of the Financial Institution.   
- address1 String  Address Line 1.   
- address2 String  Address Line 2.   
- address3 String  Address Line 3.   
- city String  City.   
- state String  State.   
- postalCode Int  Postal code.   
- country String  Country name.   
emailAddress String  Primary email address of the Institution.   
specialText String  Information/instruction message text from the institution login page.   
currencyCode CurrencyCode  ISO 4217 Currency Code enumeration.  
keys   Institution/Banking credential keys (login parameters) and related metadata.  
- name String Name of the key. Yes
- val String  Value of the key.  Yes
- status String  Always "Active".  Yes
- valueLengthMin Int  Minimum characters required in the value. It is recommended that credential values follow the length guidelines.  
- valueLengthMax Int  Maximum characters allowed in the value. It is recommended that credential values follow the length guidelines.  
- displayFlag Boolean 

true if developer should display the key and send the key value in the Discovery API call. false if developer can ignore this key.

- displayOrder Int  Order that keys are to be provided in response.  
- mask Boolean  Indicates if the characters in the value are masked or not.   
- instructions String  Instructions to the user about the credential key.  
- description String  Description of the key provided.  

Sample Responses

Sample Response JSON body:

    "address": {"country": "USA"},
    "keys": {"key": [
            "name": "Banking Password",
            "mask": true,
            "description": "Banking Password",
            "status": "Active",
            "displayOrder": 2,
            "valueLengthMin": 1,
            "valueLengthMax": 20,
            "displayFlag": true,
            "instructions": "Enter banking password (go)"
            "name": "Banking Userid",
            "mask": false,
            "description": "Banking Userid",
            "status": "Active",
            "displayOrder": 1,
            "valueLengthMin": 1,
            "valueLengthMax": 20,
            "displayFlag": true,
            "instructions": "Enter banking userid (demo)"
    "currencyCode": "USD",
    "emailAddress": "",
    "specialText": "Welcome to FinBank",
    "institutionName": "FinBank",
    "institutionId": 101372,
    "homeUrl": ""

Sample Response XML body:

    <specialText>Welcome to FinBank</specialText>
            <name>Banking Userid</name>
            <instructions>Enter banking userid (demo)</instructions>
            <description>Banking Userid</description>
            <name>Banking Password</name>
            <instructions>Enter banking password (go)</instructions>
            <description>Banking Password</description>

Schema Files (TO-DO)

  • Common_1.xsd
  • Institution_1.xsd
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