This call retrieves the current investment position data for an investment account.

Please refer to Authentication Header Attributes for request header attributes and the Response Codes for details about possible success/error status codes.

Response Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
investmentPositionId Long Unique identifier of the investment position entry. This is unique for every refresh. Yes
changePercent Decimal Percentage of change from the previous market day.  
costBasis Decimal Cost basis of the security. Yes
currencyCode CurrencyCode ISO 4217 Currency Code enumeration.  
currencyRate Decimal Exchange rate of the currency.  
currencyType String Type of currency.  
unitPrice Decimal Unit price of the security.  
priceAsOfDate DateTime Price as of the date of data acquisition.  
cusip String Number assigned by CUSIP - Committee on Uniform Securities Identifications Procedure.  
dailyChange Decimal  Change from the previous market day, in monetary amount.  
memo String  Comment or description for the investment security.  
empPretaxContribAmount Decimal  Fixed amount of each new employee's pretax contribution allocated to this security.  
empMatchAmount Decimal  Amount the employer matched, if the employee participated in the plan.  
heldInAccount String  Type of sub-account. E.g. CASH, MARGIN, SHORT, OTHER.  
holdType String  Type of security. E.g. Bond  
investmentAllocation String  Investment allocation type.  
investmentDirection String     
paidPrice Decimal  Price paid to acquire this position.  
marketValue Decimal  Market value of the security.  
maturityValue Decimal  Maturity value of the security.  
units Decimal  Units (quantity) of the security.  
unitPrice Decimal  Price per unit for the units listed in units.  
unitUserQuantity Decimal  Units in the user's name directly.  
unitStreetQuantity Decimal  Units in the Financial Institution's street name.  
positionType String

This is used to explain how long a position is held and differentiate between writers and holders of an option or other security.

E.g. SHORT = Writer for options,
Short - Write for all other securities,
LONG = Holder for options,
Long = Holder for all other securities. For Bonds, it is always "LONG". 

positionStatus String     
secured String  Indicates how the option is secured. E.g. NAKED, COVERED.  
inv401kSource String  Source of money for this security in this investment position. E.g. PRETAX, AFTERTAX, MATCH, PROFITSHARING, ROLLOVER, OTHERVEST, OTHERNONVEST, etc.  
reinvestmentCapGains Boolean  A flag to indicate if capital gains will be re-invested.  
reinvestmentDividend Boolean  A flag to indicate if dividends will be re-invested.  
transactionType String     
invSecurityType String  Type of the security in this position. E.g. MFINFO, STOCKINFO, OPTINFO, DEBTINFO, OTHERINFO etc.  

Security Info

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
assetClass String Asset class based on an industry standard, such as MorningStar.  
fiAssetClass String    
ticker String Ticker of the security.  
uniqueId String    
uniqueIdType String    
asOfDate DateTime    
rating String    
fiId String   Yes
name String   Yes
fundName String     
memo String  Comments about the security.  
symbolRefId String     
currencyCode CurrencyCode  ISO 4217 Currency Code enumeration.  
currencyRate Decimal     
unitPrice Deciomal     


Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
callDate DateTime Call date of a bond.  
yieldToCall Decimal Yield to call percentage for a bond.  
callPrice Decimal Call price for a callable bond  
callType String    
couponFreq String    
couponMaturityDate DateTime    
couponRate Decimal Coupon rate stated for a bond or other debt security.  
debtClass String    
debtType String   Yes
maturityDate DateTime   Yes
yieldToMaturity Decimal   Yes
parValue Decimal   Yes

Mutual Fund Information

Attribute Data Type Description
mfType String  
fundManager String  
yield Decimal Yield of the mutual fund.
yieldAsOfDate DateTime  


Attribute Data Type Description
stockType String  
yield Decimal Dividend yield of a stock.
yieldAsOfDate DateType Year-to-date dividend yield.


Attribute Data Type Description
typeDesc String  


Attribute Data Type Description
expireDate DateTime Expiration date of the option.
strikePrice Decimal Strike price of the option.
optType String Type of option.
securityUniqueId String  
securityUniqueIdType String  
sharesPerContract Long Number of shares per option contract.

Sample Responses

Sample Response JSON body

"position": [
"invSecurityType": "OTHERINFO",
"marketValue": 720,
"investmentPositionId": 400816659217,
"changePercent": 5,
"reinvestmentCapGains": false,
"reinvestmentDividend": false,
"unitPrice": 7.2,
"holdType": "BOND",
"dailyChange": 5,
"costBasis": 720,
"units": 100,
"empMatchAmount": 370,
"empPretaxContribAmount": 370,
"otherInfo": {
"unitPrice": 7.2,
"ticker": "ABC"
"invSecurityType": "OTHERINFO",
"marketValue": 1420,
"investmentPositionId": 400816659218,
"changePercent": 2.5,
"reinvestmentCapGains": false,
"reinvestmentDividend": false,
"unitPrice": 7.2,
"holdType": "STOCK",
"dailyChange": 2.5,
"costBasis": 1420,
"units": 200,
"empMatchAmount": 195,
"empPretaxContribAmount": 545,
"otherInfo": {
"unitPrice": 7.2,
"ticker": "DEF"
} ]

Sample Response XML body

<InvestmentPositions xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">

Schema Files (TO-DO)

  • SecurityInfo_1.xsd
  • InvestmentPosition_1.xsd
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