PUT https://api.finicity.com/financialdatafeed/v1/logins/{institutionLoginId}?refresh=true

This call is triggered for three scenarios:

Scenario 1: Refresh all accounts for an Institution Login Id.

This is the recommended way to refresh your accounts within a Financial Institution. This applies to accounts that are in all statuses as long as your last successful refresh attempt didn't result in invalid credentials. Accounts and Login ids with invalid credentials need to follow Scenario 3.

Scenario 2: Accounts with 185 status

When the status (aggrStatusCode) of an account received in the response bodies of getAccount, getCustomerAccounts, and getLoginAccounts is 185, this call needs to be triggered to get valid MFA questions. Please ensure that a valid institutionLoginId is included in the query parameter along with a refresh parameter value of true. Note that the request body will not include any credential information.

Scenario 3: Update Credentials

In this scenario, the call is used to update the credentials (usually the password) associated with a login. This is a call that should be made only if the end-user has changed their password with a financial institution and wishes to update their credentials so their financial app can continue to aggregate their accounts.

Note: You must provide refresh=true (case-sensitive) to validate the credentials once they are updated; otherwise, a 200 error displays no matter the credentials provided. This is required for scenarios 1 and 2. Data will not be refreshed more often than once per hour for a valid set of credentials.

Please refer to Authentication Header Attributes for request header attributes and the Response Codes for the details about possible success/error status codes.

Query Parameters

Attribute Data Type Required Description
institutionLoginId Long Required Unique identifier for an end-user's login credentials within the Financial Data API.
refresh Boolean Optional Indicator that an explicit refresh is requested.

Request Parameters

Attribute Data Type Description
Credential   Sent in the first call providing user credentials for institutionID
  name string The credential's name must match up to that returned in the preceding getInstitutionDetail call.
Note: Only provide the keys that have a displayFlag=True from the GetInstitutionDetail call.
  value string  
Challenge   Sent in the second call providing answers to challenge questions.
Choice   Answers in a ChallengeResponses entity must be in the same order they were provided in the Challenges response from the server.
  Text string  
  Val string  
  Image base64binary  
  Val string  

Sample Requests

Sample Request for Scenarios 1 and 2 - JSON body

{ }

Sample Request for Scenario 3 - JSON body

"credentials": {
"credential": [ { "name": "Banking Userid", "value": "demo" }, { "name": "Banking Password", "value": "newPassword" } ]} }} 

Sample Request for Scenarios 1 and 2 - XML body

<InstitutionLogin xmlns="http://schema.intuit.com/platform/fdatafeed/institutionlogin/v1">

Sample Request for Scenario 3 - XML body

<InstitutionLogin xmlns="http://schema.intuit.com/platform/fdatafeed/institutionlogin/v1">
            <name>Banking Userid</name>
            <name>Banking Password</name>

Schema Files (TO-DO)

  • BankingTransaction_1.xsd
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