Header Attributes

Attribute Data Type Required Description
oauth_nonce String Required The nonce shall be a random 64-bit unsigned number encoded as an ASCII string in decimal format.
oauth_timestamp String Required Integer representing the time the request is sent. The timestamp should be expressed in number of seconds after January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT.
oauth_consumer_key String Required OAuth Consumer Key value obtained during registration.
oauth_token String Required OAuth Access Token value.
oauth_signature_method String Required RSA-SHA1.
oauth_signature String Required Signed with the OAuth Consumer Secret and OAuth Access Token Secret and must include all OAuth parameters present.
oauth_version String Required Version of OAuth
content-type String Required (see description)

Request content-type. E.g. [application/xml, application/json]

Required only for these requests:

challengeSessionId String Required (see description)

Globally unique identifier received in the challengeSessionId header attribute of the previous response.

Required only for these requests:

discoverAndAddAccounts for MFA flow
updateInstitutionLogin for MFA flow
challengeNodeId String Ignored Ignored by the Financial Data API Facade.
Accept String   application/json to accept JSON responses.
application/xml to accept XML responses (default) 
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    Evgeny Tarnenok

    How can i get oauth_token?

  • Avatar
    Chip Whitmer

    An announcement will be coming soon with detailed instructions.

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