Release Notes - June 2016 Update A

June 8, 2016

We have added several new features, new services, and enhancements to the Finicity Data Services API.


Pending transactions

A pending transaction is a transaction that has been initiated but has not been posted (cleared) by the institution. For many institutions, Finicity is now able to capture pending transactions when they are displayed or provided in the institution's data.


Finicity now offers transaction categorization by deriving the payee from the transaction's description and memo fields, and then assigning a categorization based on that payee.

If you wish to enable categorization for transactions retrieved by your app, please send a request to


Get Institution Details

This service provides a single call for getting detailed information about an institution plus the institution's loginForm layout.


Get Customers

Apps may use the new query parameter username to find the customer record which was created with the given username (exact-match searching).

Get Customer Transactions / Get Customer Account Transactions

Responses containing transactions may now include pending transactions if the app appends the query parameter includePending=true in the request URL.

Get Customer Account Login Form

This service used to return a minimal loginForm, but it now returns the same data structure returned by Get Institution Login Form.

Get Institutions / Get Institution

An institution record now contains much more information to assist in identifying an institution of interest.

Deprecated Services

The following services are deprecated and will be removed from the API after March 2017:

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