This call returns information for a specific account id.

Please refer to Authentication Header Attributes for request header attributes and the Response Codes for details about possible success/error status codes.

Query Parameters

Attribute Data Type Required Description
accountId Long Required Finicity identifier for an account.

Account Attributes

The following account attributes apply to all types of accounts:

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
accountId Long

Finicity identifier of an account.

status String Status of an account. ACTIVE/INACTIVE. Yes
accountNickname String Nickname of the Account - retrieved from the Financial Institution.  
displayPosition Int The Nth position of the account within the user's Financial Institution. E.g. For an end-user with 3 accounts in a Financial Institution, the values for those three accounts would be 1,2,3 depending on the order it appears in the Financial Institution's website.  
institutionId Long Unique identifier for a Financial Institution. This is the same as the one sent in the request. Yes
description String Description of the account.  
balanceAmount Decimal Current balance of the account. This is also referred as ledger balance. This doesn't include "pending" or "hold" transactions. Yes
balanceDate Date Date when the current balance was calculated.  
balancePreviousAmount Decimal

Previous balance of the account.

lastTxnDate Date Last transaction date of the account in the Financial Data API.  
aggrSuccessDate Unix Timestamp Date on which the account's transaction history was last successfully refreshed from the Financial Institution. Yes
aggrAttemptDate Unix Timestamp Date on which the Financial Data API attempted the last refresh of this account from the Financial Institution. Yes 
aggrStatusCode String

Return code of the last refresh attempt. It is recommended that the developers look into this value. A non-zero value in this attribute indicates that the Financial Data API may not have the most updated information from the Financial Institution.

0 - Success or Other Error codes.

currencyCode CurrencyCode ISO 4217 Currency Code enumeration  
institutionLoginId Long Unique identifier for a customer's login details in a Financial Institution. Yes 

Banking Account Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
postedDate DateTime Date when account transactions were refreshed.  
availableBalanceAmount Decimal Available balance of the account. This may include "pending" and "hold" transactions. Pending transactions and related details are not available from all Financial Institutions. Yes
interestType String Interest type used by the Financial Institution.  
originationDate DateTime Origination date of the account.  
openDate DateTime Date the account was opened in the Financial Institution.  
periodInterestRate Decimal The interest rate given for amount deposited for a fixed period of time.  
periodDepositAmount Decimal Deposit amount for the specified period.  
periodInterestAmount Decimal Interest amount over the specified period.  
interestAmountYtd Decimal  Year-to-date interest amount.  
interestPriorAmountYtd Decimal  Last year-to-date interest amount.  
maturityDate DateTime  Maturity date of the current period deposit.  
maturityAmount Decimal  Maturity amount.  

Credit Account Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
creditAccountType String Type of the credit account. E.g. CREDITCARD, LINEOFCREDIT, OTHER etc. Yes
detailedDescription String Description of the account.  
interestRate Decimal Interest rate or APR on the credit card.  
creditAvailableAmount Decimal Available amount on the account. Yes
creditMaxAmount Decimal Max credit limit of the account.  
cashAdvanceAvailableAmount Decimal Amount available for cash advances.  
cashAdvanceMaxAmount Decimal Maximum amount available for cash advances.  
cashAdvanceBalance Decimal Balance available for cash advances.  
cashAdvanceInterestRate Decimal Rate of interest for cash advances.  
currentBalance Decimal  Current outstanding balance of the account.  
paymentMinAmount Decimal  Minimum payment amount for the current billing cycle. Yes
paymentDueDate DateTime  Date minimum payment is due. Yes
previousBalance Decimal  Account balance during the previous billing cycle.  
statementEndDate DateTime  End-date of a billing statement.  
statementPurchaseAmount Decimal  Purchase amount from the last statement.  
statementFinanceAmount Decimal  Finance amount from the last statement.  
pastDueAmount Decimal  Amount due from prior billing cycle.  
lastPaymentAmount Decimal  Amount of last payment applied to account.  
lastPaymentDate DateTime  Last payment date.   
statementCloseBalance Decimal  Closing balance from the last statement.  
statementLateFeeAmount Decimal  Late Fee amount from the last statement.  

Loan Account Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
loanDescription String Description of the loan.  
postedDate DateTime Date when account transactions were refreshed.  
term String The tenure of loan.  
lateFeeAmount Decimal Late fee amount on this loan account.  
payoffAmount Decimal Loan payoff amount.  
payoffAmountDate DateTime Date when the loan was paid off.  
referenceNumber String Loan application reference number.  
originalMaturityDate DateTime Original maturity date of this loan account.  
taxPayeeName String  Tax payee name linked to this loan account.  
principalBalance Decimal  Amount of loan remaining unpaid, not including interest and other charges.     
escrowBalance Decimal  Escrow balance of this loan account.   
interestRate Decimal  Interest rate on the loan.  
interestPeriod String  Interest period of the loan.   
initialAmount Decimal  The initial loan amount in the loan account.   
initialDate DateTime  The date on which the initial loan amount in the loan account was issued   
nextPaymentPrincipalAmount Decimal  Principal amount to be paid by the next payment date.  
nextPaymentInterestAmount Decimal  Interest amount to be paid by the next payment date.  
nextPayment Decimal The next payment amount.  
nextPaymentDate Decimal  The next payment date. Yes 
lastPaymentDueDate DateTime  Date on which the last payment was due.  
lastPaymentReceiveDate DateTime  Actual date on which the last payment was received. Yes 
lastPaymentAmount Decimal  Amount of the last payment applied to the account. Yes 
lastPaymentPrincipalAmount Decimal  Principal amount in the last payment.  
lastPaymentInterestAmount Decimal  Interest amount in the last payment.  
lastPaymentEscrowAmount Decimal  Escrow amount in the last payment.  
lastPaymentLastFeeAmount Decimal  Fee amount in the last payment.  
lastPaymentLateCharge Decimal  Late fee in the last payment.  
principalPaidYTD Decimal  Principal payments, year-to-date.   
interestPaidYTD Decimal  Interest paid, year-to-date.  
insurancePaidYTD Decimal  Insurance amount paid, year-to-date.   
taxPaidYTD Decimal  Tax paid, year-to-date.  
autoPayEnrolled Boolean  Indicates whether the account is enrolled in the Financial Institution's auto-pay feature.  
collateral String  Collateral information on this loan.  
currentSchool String  School details for a student loan.  
firstPaymentDate DateTime  Payment date for the first installment paid towards the loan taken.  
firstMortgage Boolean  A flag which indicates if the loan is the first mortgage taken by the borrower. Values: Y/N.  
loanPaymentFreq String  Payment frequency details. E.g. Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Monthly etc.  
paymentMinAmount Decimal  Minimum payment amount.  
originalSchool String  School (prior) details for a student loan.  
recurringPaymentAmount Decimal  Recurring payment amount.  
lender String  Name of the lending institution.  
endingBalanceAmount Decimal  Balance amount - includes any pending transactions.  
availableBalanceAmount Decimal  Amount of funds in your account that can be accessed immediately.  
loanTermType LoanTermType  Type of the loan term. E.g. COMBO, FIXED, REVOLVE, OPEN.  
noOfPayments Int  Number of payments made towards the loan account.  
balloonAmount Decimal  A lump sum payment that is attached to a loan.  
projectedInterest Decimal  Interest rates in future - forecasted.  
interestPaidLtd Decimal  Interest paid - loan-to-date.  
interestRateType RateType  Interest type used by the Financial Institution E.g. FIXED, FLOATING, ARM etc. Yes
loanPaymentType PaymentType  Type of the loan payment. E.g. INT_ONLY (Interest Only) etc.  
remainingPayments Int Number of installments remaining towards the closure of loan.   

Investment Account Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description Frequent?
investmentAccountType Decimal Type of investment account. E.g. 401K, BROKERAGE, IRA, 403B, KEOGH, TRUST, TDA, SIMPLE, NORMAL, SARSEP, UGMA etc. Yes
interestMarginBalance Decimal Balance in the margin interest expense.  
shortBalance Decimal Balance in a short position account.  
availableCashBalance Decimal Available cash balance.  
currentBalance Decimal Current balance.  
maturityValueAmount Decimal Value of the security at its maturity.  
unvestedBalance Decimal Unvested balance in the account.  
vestedBalance Decimal Vested balance in the account.  
empMatchDeferAmount Decimal Deferred amount in Employer matching contribution.  
empMatchDeferAmountYtd Decimal  Year-to-date empMatchDeferAmount.  
empMatchAmount Decimal  Employer matching contribution.  
empMatchAmountYtd Decimal  Year-to-date empMatchAmount.  
empPretaxContribAmount Decimal  Pre-tax employer contribution amount.  
empPretaxContribAmountYtd Decimal  Year-to-date pre-tax employer contribution amount.  
rolloverItd Decimal  Rollover interest-to-date.  
cashBalanceAmount Decimal  Amount available for cash balance.  
initialLoanBalance Decimal  Initial loan balance.  
loanStartDate DateTime Loan start date.  
currentLoanBalance Decimal Current loan balance.  
loanRate Decimal  Loan interest rate or APR.  

Reward Account Attributes

Reward Accounts are not supported in the Financial Data API Facade.

Sample Responses

Sample Response JSON body

{"accounts": [{
    "type": "creditAccount",
    "creditAccountType": "CREDITCARD",
    "currentBalance": -1022.25,
    "paymentDueDate": 1585724400000,
    "paymentMinAmount": 15,
    "statementCloseBalance": -1022.25,
    "statementEndDate": 1583049600000,
    "currencyCode": "USD",
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "balanceDate": 1382425200000,
    "aggrStatusCode": "0",
    "aggrAttemptDate": 1382473514298,
    "institutionId": 100000,
    "accountId": 400005394781,
    "accountNumber": "4100007777",
    "accountNickname": "My Visa",
    "displayPosition": 2,
    "lastTxnDate": 1382252400000,
    "aggrSuccessDate": 1382473514298,
    "institutionLoginId": 120910153

Sample Response XML body

<ns8:AccountList xmlns=""
        <accountNickname>My Visa</accountNickname>

Schema Files (TO-DO)

  • AccountList_1.xsd
  • BankingAccount_1.xsd
  • CreditAccount_1.xsd
  • InvestmentAccount_1.xsd
  • LoanAccount_1.xsd
  • OtherAccount_1.xsd
  • RewardsAccount_1.xsd
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