Customer Initialization

Existing customers must activate their accounts in the Finicity system in order to participate in account aggregation.

Finicity will provide up to six months of transactions for each activated account. Finicity will NOT provide any mechanism to "merge" these Finicity transactions with existing transactions obtained through the deprecated Intuit Financial Data API.

To initialize a customer's accounts in the Finicity system via the Financial Data API Facade:

  1. Select an institution where the customer has activated accounts in the Intuit system.
  2. Call translateIntuitInstitutionId to translate the institution ID from an Intuit identifier to the corresponding Finicity identifier for the same institution.
  3. Call getInstitutionDetails to get the login form required by the institution.
  4. Use the form obtained from the previous step to prompt the customer for the account credentials.
  5. Call discoverAndAddAccounts to activate the customer's accounts in the Finicity system. Handle any MFA as appropriate.
  6. Call getAccountTransactions for each account, with the desired time window (up to six months) to obtain the transactions that have been found by the Finicity system.
  7. Perform de-duplication as desired to replace or merge the new transaction information with the existing transactions already stored for these accounts.
  8. Repeat these steps for any other desired institutions.

All accounts activated through these steps will be enrolled in Finicity's ongoing aggregation processes.

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