Release Notes - November 2016

Over the past few months, we have added a significant number of new features, new services, and enhancements to the Finicity Data Services API. We have also deprecated a number of older services.


JSON Support

We have enabled JSON support for all API services (except for the payload of TxPUSH event notifications, coming soon).

ACH Account Verification

Finicity's ACH Account Verification Service includes services for downloading ACH data for customer accounts (institution routing number and full bank account number), including support for responding to MFA challenges.

Institution Logins

An Institution Login represents one set of customer credentials at a particular institution, together with all accounts accessible using those credentials at the institution. All account records now include the field institutionLoginId.


Get Customer Account Details

Get Customer Account Details (with MFA Answers)

Connect to the account's financial institution and retrieve the ACH data for the indicated account. This may be an interactive refresh, so MFA challenges may be required. This is a premium service.

Refresh Institution Login Accounts

Refresh Institution Login Accounts (with MFA Answers)

Connect to the financial institution and refresh transaction data for all accounts associated with the given institutionLoginId. This is an interactive refresh, so MFA challenges may be required.

These services replace the deprecated services Refresh Customer Account and Refresh Customer Account (with MFA Answers). Note that these deprecated services actually behaved similarly to the new Institution Login versions, operating across all accounts associated with a given set of credentials.

Get Institution Login Accounts

Get all accounts associated with the given institution login. All accounts returned are accessible by a single set of credentials on a single institution.

Modify Institution Login Credentials

Change the values stored for the login fields of all accounts associated with the given institution login ID.

This service replaces the deprecated service Modify Customer Account Credentials.

Get Customer Transactions v3

Get Customer Account Transactions v3

Get Customer Transaction v2

These new services eliminate the field institutionTransactionId from all transaction records. The existence of this field caused confusion about whether client apps needed to perform additional de-duplication after retrieving transactions via the API.

Additional de-duplication is not necessary. The Finicity transaction ID is the unique identifier for all transactions in our platform.

The earlier versions of these Get Transactions services have been deprecated.


The following services were deprecated previously and will be removed from the API after March 2017:

These services are now deprecated and will be removed from the API after August 2017:

Finicity is deprecating the Corporate Card Aggregation service as planned. The following service will be removed from the API after December 2016.

  • Get Subaccounts for Account -- Corporate Card Aggregation services are deprecated and will be discontinued.
  • The testing institution FinBank - Subaccounts (institution ID 101806) is no longer supported.
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