Facade Guidelines

Username Constraints

Connections to the Facade require a User Name identifying the customer for whom the following operations will be performed. In the Intuit documentation this is sometimes called the User ID or Customer ID, and is described as "your application's unique id for your customer."

Finicity's platform requires the following constraints for User Names in the Facade:

  • Minimum 6 characters.
  • Maximum 255 characters.
  • Any mix of uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and the following special characters ! @ # $ % & * _ - +

If the given User Name does not meet these requirements, the request will fail with HTTP status 400 (Bad Request) or 401 (Unauthorized).

Account Limits

Important: Apps on the default plan (Facade Base Plan) are limited to a cumulative total of 100 calls to the service discoverAndAddAccounts. These calls may use any combination of testing customers and real-world customers.

After the limit is reached, subsequent calls to this service will return HTTP 403 (Forbidden). To activate more accounts, the app must be upgraded to the Facade Paid Plan. Contact Finicity Support to upgrade your app's plan.

Testing Accounts

Important: One subtle difference between the Intuit API and the Financial Data API Facade via Finicity is that a customer defined through the Facade is constrained from the beginning to be either a testing customer or real-world customer.

The customer type is determined by the first account that is activated for a given username. If the first call to discoverAndAddAccounts uses one of the testing institutions, then all accounts activated for that customer must be on testing institutions. Similarly, if the first call to discoverAndAddAccounts is for a real-world institution, then that customer cannot activate testing accounts in later calls.

Attempts to activate real-world accounts for a testing customer, or testing accounts for a real-world customer, will result in HTTP status 403 (Forbidden).

You are allowed to have only 100 testing customers in the system at one time. When this limit is reached, calls to discoverAndAddAccounts will return HTTP status 401 (Unauthorized). To resolve this issue, just call deleteCustomer to reduce the number of existing testing customers below 100. 

Finicity's preferred testing institution is 101732, but other testing institutions are 100000, 101014, 101510, 101509, 101764, and 101806. See Testing Accounts to understand how to validate your application using these institutions.

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