The Financial Data API Facade uses Finicity institution IDs for all services that reference an institution. For existing customer accounts which were activated using Intuit institution IDs, client apps should call translateIntuitInstitutionId to retrieve the corresponding Finicity ID for a known Intuit institution.

This call returns HTTP 404 (Not Found) if the requested Intuit institution is not currently supported by the Financial Data API Facade.

Please refer to Authentication Header Attributes for request header attributes and the Response Codes for details about possible success/error status codes.

Query Parameters

Attribute Data Type Required Description


Long Required Intuit identifier for a financial institution

Response Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description
intuitId Long Intuit identifier for a financial institution.
finicityId Long  Finicity identifier for a financial institution.

Sample Responses

Sample Response JSON body:

  "intuitId": 100000,
"finicityId": 101732

Sample Response XML body:

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